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Of june.
Dark skies.
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

you couldn't even say sorry? at least i would know that you knew how i felt.

Curtain call.
Sunday, April 3, 2011

 cause it's a beautiful night, 
we're looking for something dumb to do.

hello! been awhile huh. my 1 week of hol that i was looking forward to has come and gone, wasn't a very happening week. got my spm results on the wed of that week, but let's not elaborate further on that shall we, sigh. yeah you get the drift. however, the march intake has entered coll! though i must say i don't see any difference in the number of students i see, lol. coll last week was just bloody stressful, presentation, homework and assignments GAH. it's gonna take some getting use to :) but, class only starts at 9.30am tomorrow woohoo! and dodgeball practice after x

anyhoo here's to the highlight/ main purpose of this post hehe, hanna banana's 18th birthday! <3 another jan baby, and she's not the last! celebrated at zouk cafe, gardens. pretty chilled out place, all the girls were running about mv before that, don't ask lol, twas' was a hectic night. but good (Y)

 rachelaaa! one woman i seriously haven't seen in ages. on the bright side, she finally got facebook guys! yes! after 5 years! i kid you not.

 our gorgeous array of pasta. 

 lovely LEE JIA GI, HAHAHA. poor kristal. 

 hanna's handwriting, x

am missing the spouse :( it's been like wha, a week plus? gonna hang out tonight though! she's gotta video me for some interview somethin somethin, lol. 

 baskin robbins ice-cream cake! tastes like heaven.

happy birthday gorgeous :}


 then mich got face cramps.

love y'all. 

peekaboo :p

another woman who's been missing in action for ages ;)


someone got a little red, wait correction, very red!

the end of a good girls night out. 


Stars and horizons.
Sunday, March 20, 2011

 just because everything's changing,
doesn't mean it's never been this way before.

new day, new post! hehe. feeling unusually chirpy. anyways happy birthday shuen and kenan! i know i'm around 2 months late in doing your birthday post, :( so many jan babies! 

we celebrated on the day of kenan's birthday itself in tgi's, shuen's one was a week before. i just realized that you guys have celebrated your birthdays almost every year together for the past 5 years! feeling so nostalgic. i remember the days when it was only the 3 of us and lum back in form 1 chit-chatting away. good times :), love you guys.

 shuen's lomo! pretty cool with all the diff coloured scenes and all. that woman's still waiting for her diana F or something something.

 kenan's eyes could literally be replaced by just a line.

 <3, now officially legal yo.

...cause lum just couldn't resist pushing his face into that tiny cake. 

my napping buddy from form 1 all the way to form 3! oh yeah. i miss the days were we sat way behind and slept, slept the day of classes away. now i feel the guilt, lol.

 heh, we met megat when he came in to tgi's for his interview. but that boy ended up working in robinsons instead, way better i'd have to say.

 lum, till this day i feel honoured that shuen and i gave you this nickname, now almost everyone i know calls you by that! ;)

i'll definitely really miss seeing you guys :( especially this shuen lok, who just had to decide to go study miles away! INTI NILAI zomg. like driving to lcct. promise me you'll come back down on weekends and we'll hang! and no more piercings that make you suffer so please. love ya woman x


Sweet bells.
Saturday, March 19, 2011

things to treasure days like that, 
should last and last and last. 

CHRISTMAS DAY! oh man, i really am slow. i make it sound as though christmas was just about a week ago, haha. humour me please :), trying my best to catch up with blogposts admist all my crazy assignments and tests. SAM is for for people who like stress btw.

hehe, anyhoo, barely took any picts on christmas day. as usual, went to church for the christmas party, had tons of fun with the games, food was superb! like i said ;), this year was extra special. went to pav with the peeps after <3

yeah, we stood infront of that icecream store for quite some time (the one opposite cotton on), was contemplating whether or not to buy it, since it costed like rm4 for a scoop and i only had rm8 in my purse that day. meh. i kept trying the samples (tasted really good btw), which explains why i didn't wanna return the spoon. soph bought one, i just leeched off her haha!

hehe, yes i got pretty distracted by all the candy.

check this out! haha, it's actually creepier if you see it in person. firstly, its a soap dispenser.

a very disturbing soap dispenser for kids. imagine the eyes just popping open every single time you press on it! like i said, it's scarier if you could actually see the eyes shift!


my two lovelies, :)

though this isn't exactly a nice picture of me i'm still putting it up cause it's the only one i have from boxing day! hehe. with mummy!

short post, goodbye! x


Sunday, February 27, 2011

 this time,
don't need another perfect line.

hello! another update! i have the time to blog now as the workload hasn't become TOO unmanageable, thankgod. i know it'll get pretty hectic for me soon though :( so much work everyday! sheesh. plus upcoming assigments with their horrible due dates. i guess this is what happens to you when you join SAM ;) but i'm having a lot of fun as well.

this was on christmas eve! none of us mangoes had anything better to do so we decided to have dinner in asia cafe. had my awesome nasi lemak there, as usual. btw, in case any of you desarians didn't know, the nasi lemak stall in DDP is the same as the one in asia cafe! i asked, hehe, cause they tasted the same.

this picture was actually meant to show how low phil's car was and how close it was to the ground, lol. but i don't think its obvious. the bottom of his car kept scraping all the bumps on the road, OUCH. we could all feel his pain. apparently we had very heavy people there that night *wink. 

then khern found the magical toilet seat hahaha! this was at the carpark beside ac. i actually first saw a man walking out from the bushes and when we walked closer to kepo, low and behold. what's the point of putting a toilet seat there anyway? its all the same without since i can't imagine there being any sewer pipes below. but well you never know, haha.

of course must pose abit la upon finding something so historical :P

meet my indian brother who listens to all my long-winded stories :) he is ze best.


he felt the need to stretch a little.

before doing THIS.

and THIS. ohmy, i should be blind by now since he took about 5 shots in this exact pose.

phil cramped up, haha!

big boys acting like 10 year olds, wooh.

CAN YOU SPOT MY SLIPPERS? HA HA HA. yeah, i don't know how they got up there.

we were all a bit overly happy that night, hehe. prolly the realization of how pathetic it is not to have plans on christmas eve :( but, i did have fun in the end anyway! cause of a night full of laughing and singing. i have like 5 recordings of khern singing away in the car, was epic.

had the annual church christmas party the next morning! :D was the best one i've ever gone to, everything felt different, everyone just seemed so much happier. and we all know why. hehe, shall blog about it soon. till then, x